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  1. Correction: “. . .SWAT teams hunt MUSLIM teenage “Jihad terrorists” . . .”

    I am not going to tolerate PC editors erasing the facts. These murderous thugs shredded human flesh for their ‘religious’ doctrine, not Mother Chechnya. Their hero’s are Mohammed the pedophile prophet, Tamerlane (Timur Lang; ‘Timur the Lame’, d. 1405), or Amir Timur (‘Timur’ signifies ‘Iron’ in Turkish) & Shamil Basayev of Beslan massacre fame – see photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev placing bomb near feet of 8 year old victim

  2. Breitbart via CNN: both suspects claimed asylum to get green cards, eventually became naturalized U.S. citizens. Younger brother received citizenship in 2012. (UPDATE UPDATE): CNN producer says Dzhorkhar became citizen on 9/11/2012.

  3. The Tsarnaev brothers must have come from a VERY moderate muslim family. According to the BBC, when the sister married a non-muslim, they ostracised her.


    “1818: In West New York, New Jersey, right outside New York City, police have been speaking with a woman who says she is the suspects’ sister.
    Ailina Tsarnaev tells reporters she was “shocked” that her brothers were implicated in the bombing and said she had not spoken to them in years, as her family was unhappy she married a man who was not a Muslim.”

    I come from a very religious catholic family (a lot of pressure on me as a teenager to enter the priesthood). None of my siblings go to church. None of us married a catholic. None of us ostracised or even criticised for our decisions.

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