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UPDATE: Perps are now reported to be Chechen males, one dead and the other surrounded with two more possibly detained trying to get into Canada.

What gives?

Sounds like to me that there was some level of involvement by the guy, you’re either totally innocent, and you get to stay, or you’ve got some connection here. You can’t have it both ways. This is very suspicious, just as it was when a whole cadre of Saudis were cut loose just after 9/11. (Picture by way of Donny Kligman)

obama lets saudi leave


Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project revealed on Hannity’s Wednesday evening cable show that an official at ICE told him the Saudi national first questioned by authorities about the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday is set to be deported.

“Remember the Saudi that they had arrested or at least initially detained?” Emerson asked. “It was determined that he had no involvement and they made a statement about it to that effect? Well, I just learned from my own sources he’s now going to be deported on national security grounds Tuesday,” Emerson said, later adding, “This is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia. You don’t arrest their citizens. You deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed.”

It is not known if this individual is a material witness, but questions remain as to whether or not the Saudi National, who was on a student visa, gave authorities any information to lead them to the suspects they are looking at now.

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  1. There are nearly twenty million illegal immigrants – oops sorry twenty million undocumented Demoncrats and ICE can’t or won’t do anything abouting deporting them but these Arab they(ICE) sure can move very fast.

  2. Media was tripping all over themselves in the early hours of this marathon bombing. A marathon bystander noticed this Saudi ‘student’ behaving suspiciously, took him down and got the attention of authorities. Once this suspicious student’s identity was known, he was declared a ‘person of interest’, kept under unusually tight security at a hospital which barred entry/exit traffic while he was a patient. As word spread about this ‘person-of-interest’ the bomb narrative began to form in earnest…with CNN,CNBC,NBC,CBS all uniformly echoing the freshly spun ‘right wing’ signature of the bomb(s)/bomber(s). Michelle Malkin broke news of SoS John Kerry’s pre-planned meeting with a Saudi minister suddenly shifted behind closed doors, locking out all media reps prepared to cover this meeting, leaving the media miffed, yet again. As coincidence would have it (wink, wink) an announcement declaring this “person-of-interest” cleared of suspicion & interest remains only as a witness to the event. How convenient! No one (that I have read or heard yet ) has remarked on the peculiar injuries this Saudi ‘student’ sustained at the marathon bombing. Peculiar in that only his hands were burned ( see ). Given the extensive injuries graphically illustrated by the media, the shredded flesh/bone/fabric, broken glass shards, shrapnel and metal pellets mercilessly punctured and spilled lifes blood into splattered pools surrounding victims dead and alive. Yet this Saudi ‘student’ managed to walk/run with only ‘burns’, nay, Debka reported ‘severe burns’ to his hands. which don’t appear to be very injured provided in this photo by Walid Shoebat at all. Interesting & curious, no?
    Then CNN breaks in with news of an imminent arrest and hearing at a Boston courthouse, triggering absolute chaos in journalistic pools scrambling to confirm and update. A bomb threat was called in to the court house (approx. 3pm) forcing evacuation of both the court house AND Brigham Young Hospital, the same hospital (ff 2:40interview with roommate)
    rumored to be treating the Saudi ‘student’.
    Today, we learn this Saudi ‘student’ is going to be ‘deported’ for national security reasons. Who’s national security is this administration concerned with? That bomb was an ACT OF WAR! And it’s NOT the first perpetrated by Saudi nationals.
    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama professed “words have meaning”.
    This weeks ‘national security circus act ‘ shreds the meaning of the words in the SOLEMN OATH Obama and every member of this administration took to PRESERVE AND PROTECT. Elected and appointed officials apparently need to be reminded that National security – OUR NATION’s security trumps all others. To think that Boston Marathon victim, 8 year old Martin’s life is willfully trumped by this administration to soothe the ego of a Saudi national disgusts beyond all.

  3. This is a ridiculous report. Nothing of the above is true. These weren’t Arabs, one isn’t even caught yet. One is dead.

    1. Seeing htat everything has been fluid since Monday…no wonder.

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