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  1. All those ( Galloway and other lefties idiots ) who claim to hate her are wrong, they feared her. They knew that she saw right through all the bull.

    1. I agree Santor. A great statesman has passed from our midst.

  2. I for one am very glad neither he nor mooch came over; I’m sure it was just protocol to ask. I could watch the funeral in peace, knowing that hater of all things Margaret Thatcher made possible, was not here. BTW, her American granddaughter gave a very moving reading; that baton is with her now.

  3. GS , may I thank you for such a moving post , the pictures are lovely and the tribute is heartfelt . I believe that she was liked in countries abroad rather then in the UK ; she was simply the best Prime Minister since Churchill .

  4. Thatcher was every thing that obama isn’t and couldn’t be.

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