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Oops Marco, just what are you playing at?

rubio facepalm

He might be amazed, but you just can’t talk conservative and then engage in ‘Washington as usual’ politics, and expect people to look the other way anymore. He blew it big time, and he appears to be doubling down, not understanding his chief mistake, participation in the so called ”Gang of Eight” immigration deliberations. In spite of there being supposedly good legislation in it, it was done behind closed doors, not on the floor of the Senate.

rubio blows it big time in his gang of eight foolishness 17.4.2013

Tea Party Patriots co-founder and national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin told Breitbart News she was disappointed in Rubio’s letter response to the protests. “Sen. Rubio has quickly forgotten how the rest of the country views a 1,500-page bill that is deliberately being rushed through Congress,” Martin said. “He may be aware of details in the bill but the rest of the Senators, and certainly the American public, are not. He thinks he may be thoroughly educated on how the sweeping legislation will affect every facet of our lives, and on the consequences of his proposed changes, but he cannot be. It’s simply too large an undertaking for him to have already fully analyzed all of the ramifications of this bill.”

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    a href=””>WHO is Cesar Conda?

    Meet Cesar Conda, chief of staff, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., close associate and fellow amnesty pusher of Grover Norquist, who last week called all of us who want our borders secured, “Bitter enders”, He might as well have called us ‘Savages’.

    Here is detailed some of the undermining of immigration law these two have accomplished over 3 decades, including working closely with Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute, Conda circulated a statement against Prop. 187 of California in the nineties. The race baiting they pulled on Alan Simpson when he tried to enforce the borders in the 90’s was nothing but disgusting.
    Conda, an immigration lawyer, was Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief domestic policy adviser. After leaving there, Conda went to work for George Soros on the editorial advisory board of the Soros publication, The International Economy Magazine.”

    (go read the rest at the link)

  2. Marco, stop sitting on the fence, the folks want a real conservative, not a an organization ‘checkered pants’ and ‘country club’ Republican. We have had our fill of them.

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