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Debbis Schlussel has the goods on the suspect in the Boston Marathon massacre bombing, and Fox News..

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi: Meet the Saudi Man of Interest; FOX News Wipes Name, Story From Website

By Debbie Schlussel

As you know by now, a Saudi national here on a student visa is a “person of interest” in yesterday’s Boston Marathon terrorist attack and also a potential future “great American” in today’s Marco Boob-io immigration amnesty bill. Early today, FOX News and FOX Boston reported the Saudi’s name, but then removed the entire story from all FOX News and FOX affiliate websites because we gotta protect the “Religion of Pieces.”


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2 Responses

  1. Read all the info and saw his FB. This looks like a case of wrong place wrong time.

    He absolutely should have been tackled and handed over to the police because he was a middle easterner near a bomb. But they investigated him and his communications and let him go (if anyone wants to say that’s intolerant then they can bite me).

    There’s nothing on his FB going back to 2011 that makes him or his friends look like terrorists.

    From all his FB pics he looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He just doesn’t have that terroristy thing about him that filth like Mohamad Merah and Mohamed Atta had.

    I’m sure Fox deleted the info because the police let him go and they didn’t want people to get ideas and do something to him.

    All the same I hope he doesn’t get spirited out of the country in case he’s still being investigated on the DL.

  2. On the other hand, I’ve read that this Saudi was tackled by a marathon spectator who noted this young man’s suspicious behavior – subsequently hospitalized for severe burns on his hands. Of the reports I’ve read of shredded flesh/bone/fabric and pellet penetration & carnage resulting from these bombs, not one of the photos or write-ups describe flesh burns alone. . . except for those of this young Saudi ‘student’.
    As the beat to the msm narrative of right wing terror potential continues to increase pace, note that the imposter-in-chief has plans to make his well publicised presence broadcast from Boston on Thursday. One cannot help but consider the potential this pompous ass plays yet another Benghazi/Ft. Hood/Fast&Furious 3-cup-Monty on the US, yet again. I’ll take your bet that this young Saudi ‘student’ was whisked out of the country before anyone noticed he is already gone.

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