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The man approves of known bigots and antisemites who speak admiringly of female second class citizenship and the murdering of gay people. He was shelved more than likely for his attitude against women and gays, not for his antisemism.

Now, anybody who knows anything about Islamic Associations in the West – or, for that matter, about Islam itself – shouldn’t be surprised in the slightest by any of this. Every single “revelation” that came out last week about Mustafa’s statements and actions simply demonstrated that he’s a standard-issue European Islamic leader – which is to say that he’s an orthodox member of his faith, hewing firmly to its core tenets. It’s hardly news that somebody in his position “likes” Qaradawi – the creep is, after all, a scriptural expert whose interpretations and teachings are considered authoritative by his fellow Sunni believers around the world; he’s the closest thing Islam has to a Pope. Nor should it shock anyone that Sweden’s Islamic Association practices and defends sexual discrimination.

swedish left drop mustafa reluctantly 16.4.2013

The problems started, however, when critics started pointing out things about Mustafa that weren’t exactly consistent with Social Democratic doctrine. During his tenure at the Islamic Association, for example, he’s invited a rogues’ gallery of Islamic ideologues to Stockholm to give speeches and participate in conferences. Among them: Egyptian Salah Sultan, who, as Benjamin Weinthal reported in the Jerusalem Post, “claimed on the television channel Al Jazeera that the Jews during Passover committed ritual murder of Christians”;  British-Palestinian Azzam Tamimi, who has described Israel as “a cancer”; and Sheik Abdullah Hakim Quick, who has called for the execution of gays. It also turned out that when NATO bombed Libya in 2011, Mustafa tweeted that Sweden should send fighter planes to Israel instead. On Facebook, moreover, Mustafa “liked” the page of Jew-hating Hitler fan Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

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