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UPDATE: Special thanks to This Ongoing War and  Elder of Ziyon for linking, who notes that:

In fact, this photo is of the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp, part of the Buchenwald complex, and the dead bodies were victims of a Royal Air Force bombing raid in April 1945.

UPDATE II: Safi changes the picture and leaves this as an explanation:

An earlier version of this article had incorrectly used a Google image that was not associated with the Deir Yessin atrocity.    That mistake has been corrected, and I apologize about the mistake. I have replaced that image with one from the Palestine Solidarity org.

But as the Elder informs me... the updated picture is not from Deir Yassin either, but more likely from Sabra and Shatilla, the massacre by Christian Phalangists in Lebanon.

deir-yassin faux pic Omid Safi

Original story before updates:

After reading Vlad’s piece on the BDS movement copying PETA’s despicable use of the Holocaust in their promotion of animal rights, I began digging into the websites where these holocaust pictures were being misused, I came across the blog post (screen shot below) of Professor Omid Safi, of contemporary Islamic thought at University of North Carolina, hosted at Religious News Service (RNS). Safi is according to his Wikipedia page: Professor Safi is recognized as a leader of the progressive Muslim debate.

Also, don’t you think that the title of the blog itself ”What would Muhammad do?” in connection with the picture is somewhat…..ironic?


So my question is, does the RNS website owners approve of professor Omid Safi’s use of murdered Jews in the Holocaust, as Arab Palestinians, in order to smear the Jewish state of a false massacre?

The other question we should be asking here is, what wouldn’t this Arab professor do in order to smear the state of Israel? His actions are not an anomaly, the websites associated with the misuse of this picture are anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian websites.

NOTE: For a real understanding of what happened at Deir Yassin, here’s a couple of videos explaining the incident, and also showing Arabs admitting that it wasn’t a massacre, and in their own words. Read Myths and Facts report on it as well.

Part I

Part II

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  1. This is all part and parcel of islamo-Nazis twisting and perverting the truth by calling Jews, Nazis, and pretend-making muslims victims of Jewish “Nazis”. This will be carried on now by the various islamo-Nazi organisations who continue trying to delegitimise Israel.

  2. Re: Deir Yassin: women and children used as human shields to protect the male shooters, obviously.

    1. Actually nearly every casualty were adult males and the Arabs themselves most likely killed the civilians

  3. Lying and thieving is what Mohamet was good at……that includes history.

  4. Anybody have an email address for his superiors at the university? Maybe a few hundred complaints, including links to the above, might have an effect.

  5. Muslims are terrorists like Mohammed who was the biggest terrorist we have ever seen in human history. It is time to sue this and ban Islam.

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