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Extremists Incite Young Muslims to Jihad

Dutch mosques claim that organizations Sharia4Holland, Behind Bars and officially dissolved Sharia4Belgium are networks for young very orthodox Jihad fighters. They also mentioned Straat Dawah, which is officially no longer in existence. It is not clear to what extent these organizations explicitly call for their members to leave to fight in Syria. According to radicalization expert Halim el Madkouri of Forum, an institute for multi-cultural problems, it is feared that these organizations may become part of, for instance, Ansar al Sharia, an Islamistic organization which is suspected of having killed the American Ambassador in Libya.

dutch muslim extremists incite young muslims 15.4.2013


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  1. Born as a Muslim, I am a British citizen. Muslims worldwide are in turmoil. My book, ‘Secrets of Qur’an, Jesus is divine & rose from the dead,’ is based upon the interpretations of the Qur’an and also provides information from the Bible as one third of the Qur’an is about the Bible. This can help Christians and Muslims alike to respect women and race to love and serve the whole of mankind. Thanks.

    1. Hay Shafi, the quran is a bastardization of the bible, totalitarian, violent and intolerant and anti-enlightment thus, anti-human.

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