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A hero!

marget thatcher 1925-2013

A richly laden tribute to this wonderful woman and to free market capitalism.  The first two minutes into the Maggie documentary underlines George Watson’s basic thesis that I’ve signed on to a long time ago, that Marxist socialism is a reactionary ideology to counter upstart free market capitalism.

Many within the artistocracy saw the same danger  as the Marxists did, that the lower classes posed a direct threat to their monopoly on power, thereby upsetting the economic apple cart of society, and were more than willing to damn the new found prosperty it afforded to countless millions in order to reestablish their superiority.

Maggie understood that. The Tory party of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, instead of reacting to the rise in public economic mobility, with enacting more liberty freeing policies, chose nanny statism instead, they were the ones who initiated the HHS. A simply stunning documentary to see. Maggie Thatcher should be praised on both the Left and Right, instead of being demonized as being solely for the wealthy. It simply wan’t so.

Click here for the video. H/T: Gaia

UPDATE: Vlad found a torrent seed for the video:

For anyone interested in the real legacy of Margaret Thatcher and the revolution she created in England to actually enrich the working class and make Britain vibrant, please use this link to a bit torrent of an excellent documentary.

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    1. Hi Bob, you sound like the bitter statist depicted in the documentary, I’m sure the aristocracy shares your pain as well.

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