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There is a major disconnect in the minds of many politicians (fed to them by academia and parroted by the legacy/fake media), about the actual reality in the M.E. They hold totally unrealistic views on what can be achieved there, so here’s some startling reminders by Rubin, that hopefully challenges some deeply held convictions.

This is the real Middle East. Not the imagined place of Obama and Kerry, the UN and EU, the classrooms of the West or the columns of the mass media.  These are all things that I’ve personally witnessed or known the person who did.  Unless one understands this reality one understands nothing.

Snapshots: Personal Experiences of the Real Middle East

By Barry Rubin

barry-rubin2These are all personal observations, selected from a much longer personal list:

–The Palestinian Christian man is desperate. Can I help him get out of the country? He’s scared of the Islamists. Can I help him  get his son to university in America? The situation is intolerable. Something is worked out with a little help from me.

–The Druze woman is desperate. She has  a boyfriend her family doesn’t approve of. With help from some Israelis she is smuggled to a safe place.

–The letter from the Syrian Christian tells of his desperation to get out of the country before the Islamists take over.

–The Egyptian Christian has obtained an apartment abroad and is getting out of the country to America .

–The Syrian Kurdish refugee is stuck in southern Turkey. No Western country will consider offering political asylum because for policy reasons they want the refugees to go back to Syria after it is “liberated,” albeit the liberation will be done by radical, repressive Islamists. He is desperately desiring to live in what he calls a “free, secular society.”

–The Turkish liberals write about how they are afraid to speak out in public, of continual arrests, of media outlets being blackmailed by the government. To curry favor with the Islamists a well-known, ambitious Turkish academic launches a failed take over bid of an academic journal edited by an Israeli professor.

More here at Barry’s.

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