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Absent the civil society, situations such as this are common place throughout the Muslim world.

Christian Indifference to Christian Suffering

The fact is, Christians have never been united.  Even before 1054 and the Great Schism between Rome and Constantinople, Christians were at odds with each other.  The Schism just made it official.  The Protestant Reformation of the early 16th century further divided “Christendom” into a multitude of fractures, ending any hope of a united Christian Church.

Egyptian Police Officer

In Pictures: Savage Islamic Attack on St. Mark Cathedral Allowed by Egyptian Forces

April 10, 2013 By Raymond Ibrahim 

Egypt’s Coptic Christians frequently accuse State Security and police of overlooking Muslim attacks on Christians and their places of worship, especially monasteries and churches.  The Western mainstream media often ignores these accusations, or mentions them in passing as “unsubstantiated reports.” Last weekend’s assault on the St. Mark Cathedral — unprecedented in significance — was no different, except for the fact that there are many pictures demonstrating State complicity.

To recap: After last Sunday’s St. Mark Cathedral funeral service for Egypt’s most recent Christian victims of jihad — including one man set aflame — gangs of Muslims attacked the Christian mourners, resulting in the deaths of two more Copts, including one shot through the heart.   Hundreds of Christians retreated back into the cathedral — both to get out of harm’s way, and to protect their holiest site.  They were trapped there all night, enduring projectile and firebomb attacks.   State Security also opened fire on the cathedral, including through tear-gas.

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