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This is to be expected.

When Muslims fear exposure to the light of day, they will muster all of their might to stop the voices of those doing the exposing. If the Muslims had nothing to hide, they would invite debate, it’s as simple as that. According to Islamic law however, criticism of Islam is never allowed, let alone by a non-Muslim, that’s to be met head on at all costs, and they’ll use any means available to get the job done.

NOTE: Kudos to Geller for carrying on the fight, whether she’s allowed to talk or not, the point is made time and again, and people are enlightened to the true nature of Islam.

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geller speech at shul cancelled 11.4.2013

The freedom to speak freely amongst Jews about their enemies was just dealt another blow.  The talk Pamela Geller was to give at the Great Neck Synagogue this Sunday, April 16, “The Imposition of Sharia in America,” was cancelled tonight, after months of intimidation inflicted on the synagogue’s rabbi, his board, the synagogue members, and the parents of the children in the Sunday School program.  It was shut down by those who are more frightened by the idea of a slim Jewish woman speaking to a group of Jews on a Sunday morning than they are by the enemies of the Jews, about which Geller planned to speak.

Less than three weeks ago The Jewish Press spoke with Geller, the rabbi of Great Neck Synagogue, Dale Polakoff, and the primary opponent at the time of Geller’s shul appearance, Habeeb U. Ahmed, who is a vice president of the Islamic Center of Long Island.

When the story ran, and until just a few hours ago, the synagogue had held firm.

But no one involved with the event anticipated the relentless crush of intimidation, the piling on of additional opponents not of the dangers posed by Sharia law, but of one Jewish woman.

They shut it down.

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  1. It’s 1937…..again. It is shameful, especially after Holocaust remembrance that the SAME threat is not being addressed in shuls of all places.

    It is shameful that discussion of Islam’s only profit’s words and actions then and now are not being discussed, especially when the UK and the world are hellbent on not honouring Israel’s mandate and turn Israel into tiny floating Islands within an Islamic ‘continent of countries’ and won’t be able to defend themselves. Also with our (UK) ‘education’ the future government will not help Israel.

    It is shameful that rabbis are more interested in men pleasing instead of truth – how about explaining that Mohamet CANNOT be THE Prophet, he doesn’t fit Deuteronomy 18:18+ and he fails to be even just a prophet.

  2. This congregation as submitted twice now. So frustrating!
    They should know the routine by now. If you do not submit willingly then there will always be a threat of violence. Hire security and go on with it.

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