Syria Torture



You mean them?

And you can take it to the bank that it involves ‘real torture’, not enhanced interrogation measures such as water boarding formerly employed by the U.S .

child sings bin-laden's praise in syria 14.2.2013

Syrian Opposition Group Condemns Rebel Unit for Torture


April 09, 2013

BEIRUT, LEBANON — The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights denounced on Tuesday a rebel battalion it said has tortured and extorted residents in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo.

Torture, kidnapping and summary killings have become a daily aspect of Syria’s uprising-turned-civil war.

But the Observatory, a British-based group with a network of activists across Syria, said it felt compelled to single out the Aleppo unit of the Free Men of Syria Brigade [Ahrar Suriya] after collecting a large number of witness testimonies that point to frequent cases of detainment and torture.

“These types of incidents are increasingly common on both sides unfortunately. Many of these people are civilians, not fighters. Incidents like this degrade the revolution that people started,” said Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Observatory, in a telephone interview.

Abdelrahman emailed pictures of a man he said was tortured by the group. The man’s legs were red, the skin torn open in several places. His back was covered in open lash marks. The man told the Observatory he had sustained the injuries while being detained for three days.

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  1. There are all kinds of videos on showing torture of captives by both sides in Syria. It is too horrible to witness. It’s so sickening and depressing, I couldn’t watch it all.

    Here is something interesting. Human rights groups ARE reporting this. It is the news media that is ignoring the Human rights groups. The death toll in Syria now exceeds 70,000. The news media would rather report on Taylor Swift or the Kardashians (whoever the heck they are). It’s enough to make me sick.

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