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But the humanitarian racism of the Left and of their fellow travelers  will allow them to turn a blind eye to it. The soft racism of lower expectations. It’s very clear that the Arabs use children as a crucial part in their propaganda war against the Israelis.

Enlisting child stone throwers, soldiers is a war crime

04/07/2013 21:51

Enlistment of children to carry out these violent acts is in effect no different than enlisting child soldiers.

Youths throw rocks in Hebron

Youths throw rocks in Hebron Photo: Youtube screenshot

As stone-throwing Palestinian children have been in the news lately it is relevant to observe that enlistment of children to carry out these violent acts is in effect no different than enlisting child soldiers, which is a war crime in terms of Article 8(2)(b)(xxvi) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The time has come to recognize that encouraging children to hurl stones and firebombs, as well as using them as human shields, as practiced by Hamas, cannot be described as anything but enlisting them to participate actively in hostilities and therefore a war crime.

The book The Palestinian Uprising Against Israeli Occupation, edited by Zachery Lockman and Joel Benin, describes communiqués issued during the first intifada by the United Leadership of the Uprising. Communiqué No. 2 says: “O youth of Palestine, O throwers of incendiary stones, clearly the new fascists will be forced to admit the facts entrenched by your ferocious rebellion…. Intensify the use of popular means against all enemies beginning with the holy stones and ending with the incendiary Molotov cocktails.”

Stones and firebombs, even thrown by children, can cause serious and even lethal injury.

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