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Egypt is one huge basket case.

The country will in fact devolve into a blown out civil war with massive death and starvation on either side, that is the direction they are headed to with the foot slammed on the gas pedal. They haven’t any money of their own, no industry to speak save the tourist industry which is basically non existent, people out of work and the aid spigot drying up.

Photo of thugs perpetrators at the events of the cathedral

Muslims Attack Christian Funeral in Egypt, 1 Killed, 23 Injured


(AINA) — Thousands of Copts attended the funeral service held today at St Mark Cathedral in Cairo for the Coptic victims killed by Muslims on April 4 and 5 in al-Khosous, Qaliubiya (AINA 4-6-2013). The service was attended by Christians from all denominations as well as Muslims.

Priests holding the service were unable to calm the Copts and at several times the service was interrupted by the wailing of the mothers of the victims, protests by angry Copts demanding retribution, and chants saying “no to the persecution and killing of Copts.” Political chants dominated the scene, demanding President Morsi to “Go Away,” and banners holding him responsible for the killing of Copts in al-Khosous were displayed.

After the funeral services ended, as coffins and attendants were leaving the cathedral, unidentified persons fired shots in front of the cathedral. It was reported that clashes took place between Copts coming out of the Cathedral and Muslims in the area, and that Muslims were on roof tops of neighboring buildings firing at them (video).

Muslim activists who were present at the funeral, such as renowned activist Alaa Abdel Fatah, and the Maspero Coptic Youth Unions, among others, tried in vain to bring the Coptic youth inside the Cathedral to avoid a confrontation with the Muslim attackers.

More here. Via Vlad

More vids thanks to Magic Martin

The faces of the assailants on the cathedral Bakhertoh from the roofs

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