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I republish in full the entire post by Vlad, it’s worth remembering and internalizing if you’re serious about winning the greatest defense of human civil liberties in our lifetime.

As one profound example, Think about how many times a person you know who is not muslim refers to the founder of islam and mass murdering pirate, Mohamed, as ‘The Prophet Mohamed”.  No. He is only a ‘prophet’ to Muslims. To refer to him that way is a genuine sign of submission. Would the same person refer to Jesus as, ‘our lord and saviour’? I think not.


But what can the ordinary guy do? Fight with re-in-tard-ation!

Posted on April 5, 2013 by Eeyore

The ordinary guy in some ways is better equipped to fight a defensive war than a soldier.

It is important to know what a war is. It is the attempt to force a culture, values and sets of laws on another unwilling people. It is an attempt to control their resources and often even to turn the other people into resources for the victor. As such the battle-space can be quite abstract and common. One example can be the words people use which defines the concepts. Look at political correctness for example.

Slowly over the last 40 years, various communist think tanks such as the Frankfurt School and their useful idiots along with armies of well intentioned and frankly, very very nice people, have categorized the English language into acceptable Vs. unacceptable concepts and words based on Marxist principles. The idea of course being that any time a white person achieves something it is racism, while when white people are being persecuted it is not on the table for discussion. Just for one example.

The OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood learned a great deal from this and implemented its own set of memes into the common Western consciousness in much the same way. Noting the wild success of homosexual groups to render criticism of the sexual behavior of homosexuals as ‘homophobia’, thereby equating what could be argued as a fairly natural repugnance by straight people of homosexuality as a form of mental illness and to be treated with ‘tolerance’.

The OIC has created the term ‘islamophobia’ for the same purpose. So that anyone critical of the truly repugnant, murderous and anti-civilizational impulses of Islam should now be not only considered to have a kind of disease of the brain, but also be ostracized as a racist. Even though Islam is not a race, and in fact is astonishingly racist itself.

So how does the ordinary person fight back against the jihad?

Do not let their memes take in you and use your own at will.

When someone, even on our own side corrects you when you refer to some muslim garment incorrectly, correct them back with any word you want to make up. This is our culture and our language. It is of no consequence what the correct name for some kind of Somali face cover is. We don’t like it, it is not our culture and it is not incumbent upon us to know exactly what the right term is.

As one profound example, Think about how many times a person you know who is not muslim refers to the founder of islam and mass murdering pirate, Mohamed, as ‘The Prophet Mohamed”.  No. He is only a ‘prophet’ to Muslims. To refer to him that way is a genuine sign of submission. Would the same person refer to Jesus as, ‘our lord and saviour’? I think not.

Personally I like the term, ‘The Pirate Mohamed’ as that is actually what it would have said on his T4 if they had them in those days. It is how he funded the jihad initially by robbing passing caravans during the month of Ramadan when it was tradition that the caravan’s occupants would not carry weapons.

Recently someone reminded me of how Islam made up the idea that a person who converts to Islam is actually a ‘revert’. The logic being that according to their vivid imaginings, everyone is born a muslim and it is their parents who make them anything else, and when someone foolishly adopts it as a personal ethos, they have in fact, reverted to their natural state.

This friend also suggested that a better word for this might be, ‘re-in-tard-ation’ where tard is a contraction of the 2 word amalgam, ‘Mustard’ from ‘Muslim Retard’. I like it. It is ours. We can and must use it. Or any other term you choose for your own expression of what you think these things are.

The enemy has won the war when you choose their limits and concepts over your own. When you deny a truth because it is offensive to the victor. When you deny or rewrite your own history in order to make yourself the villain and make the aggressor either the hero, or the people who made things better by virtue of their having conquered you.

Remember this scene from Casablanca?

This was a genuine act of effective rebellion to real tyranny. Good thing the Nazis didn’t think of explaining to the French and Spanish there that not to sing the Nazi anthem was rude and an act of Germano-phobia.

While a lot of the terms I adopt or encourage are funny this concept is deadly serious. No bombs or guns are required to win a war if the enemy surrenders. To use their concepts, their words, to concern yourself about what the right name is for one kind of muslim pajama or bibilibibily over a qajam ashoo is no different than being concerned about this type of Swastika lapel pin over another. This should only matter in terms of tactics. Is this person higher ranking than another for example.

One fights Islam by fighting political correctness. Say what you think is true. Allow yourself to be positive about concepts you genuinely believe are positive even if, and I want to make this perfectly clear, even if they are your own cultural artifacts while being negative about others even if they are the customs and behaviors of other groups and even if those are the artifacts of ‘minorities’. Remember, White people are a minority in China and the Chinese have no problems at all putting signs up in the public sphere saying ‘Round eye pay double’ and thats if you are lucky and it isn’t 10X.

Breaking the habits that political correctness have installed in us is just that. Breaking a habit. It takes some thought and short term effort but once done, Islam loses its grip. Despite the now tens of thousands of terrorist attacks on various targets to enforce islam on the unwilling, or some other flavour of islam on existing muslims, they cannot possibly win in the kinetic battle-space. We have it over them a thousand to one. When we do not utterly destroy an Islamic enemy it is our own values of decency and belief in the sanctity of even enemy life that stops us. So in fact the average person in this particular battle can do more to win this than even a well trained soldier.

Just don’t buy into their BS.

Eeyore for Vlad and with thanks to Grace and C.B.

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