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HINT: There is no such thing as a ‘peace process”.

The PM of Israel should reject any advice that amounts to the slamming of his head against a brick wall. Really, just what are we talking about here, other than a return to past failed attempts at reaching a peace with a side that refuses to end their conflict? I just don’t see how any talks can achieve ”diddly squat” with the Arabs who are not interested in living with Jews as neighbors.

NOTE: This is not about a ”Palestinian state”, but about the continued strategy for the destruction of the Jewish state, once that becomes clear to you, then, and only then, can you begin to decipher Palestinian Arab rhetoric. The other voices preaching the ‘peace process’ are not reality based thinkers.


US group blasts Jewish ‘advice’ on peace process

In letter to PM, conservative Emergency Committee for Israel chastises Jewish leaders who urge Israel to sacrifice for peace

By HAVIV RETTIG GUR April 5, 2013, 10:16 am

NEW YORK –  A conservative American Jewish group that campaigned against the reelection of Barack Obama in 2012 sent an open letter Thursday to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to ignore the advice of American Jewish leaders who called this week for Israel to take “confidence-building steps” to restart peace talks.

Striking out at what it said was a call for Netanyahu to make “painful territorial sacrifices,” the Emergency Committee for Israel accused the signatories of the original letter of playing armchair politics at Israel’s expense.

“We not only question the wisdom of their advice, we question their standing to issue such an admonition to a democratically-elected prime minister whose job is not to assuage the political longings of 100 American Jews, but to represent — and ensure the security of — the Israeli people,” the letter read.

The committee was founded by neoconservative Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, who signed the Thursday letter together with other individuals affiliated with ECI and the Weekly Standard.

The ECI letter came in response to a Wednesday letter signed by 100 American Jewish activists and leaders — many, though not all, identified with left-leaning organizations — that called on Netanyahu to take “confidence-building steps” that might encourage a renewal of peace talks with the Palestinians.

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