Norwegian justice dept. epic fail.

norway corruption

In Oslo, a 28 year old Algerian recently was arrested, over an armed robbery attempt. It has transpired this man formerly has:

 -shot and nearly killed an 18 years old man, being sentenced to five years in prison over this
-repeatedly been convicted over drugs charges and threats
-throwing rocks at the police during the 2009 Oslo riots over the Gaza war
-threatened to cut the throat of a police officer
-making this comment in court. “”I shall f*** the prosecutor and kill her because I’m innocent”
-impersonating a police officer during a home invasion, threatening to kill a property owner

So far, this man has not served major prison time in Norway. His lawyer has made this comment:

 “It is a part of the picture that this attempted murder was controlled by events, being far from planned. There were no indications over him committing any new crimes”.

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norway algerian habitual perp that just couldnt be put away 5.4.2013

(Dagbladet): A 28-year-old man who in 2009 came close to killing a 18-year-old with five gunshots after an argument at Railway Square in Oslo, Saturday 2 February arrested after committing an unsuccessful armed robbery of a convenience store in Greenland in Oslo.

The 28-year-old  was still waiting to being summoned to prison for the attempted murder verdict.

Shot five times

The appellate court proved last year that the 28-year-old must have thought that the shots would kill the victim, and stated that even random passersby in the city center could have been shot.


Having appealed a tingrettsdom in September 2011, the 28-year-old in the Court of Appeal 5th last September was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for attempted murder and threats, a verdict that was enforceable in the Supreme Court at the start of December.

Yet the man was still at large two months later, and had again acquired firearms.

More here in Norwegian.

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