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A multicultural society is not a free society.

In my opinion the case against multiculturalism was set the moment it was suggested, the horrors of it being known well in advance, but the article is worth reading nonetheless. The case has to be made against it using present day examples in order for the average non-interested citizen to be woken up from their stupor.

NOTE: In order for the multiculti project to get a firm grip within any society, it needs a statist environment to help it take root. It’s all about group identity and class warfare, as opposed to individualism and sound free market competitiveness, hence the role of the state and the vanguards of it, (the statist Left and the neo-statists in the faux conservative parties) who strive to protect it at the expense of your liberties.

the growing case against multiculturalism 3.4.2013

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  1. Dear Tundra,

    Thank you for your support. You are more than welcome to reproduce any of our articles and spread the word to our friends throughout the Western world and beyond.

    Hopefully we can encourage more people to make a stand against multiculturalism, Islam and globalist policies that are destroying the West.

    As Geert Wilders said, “We need to make a stand for liberty in the name of resistance”.

    Thank you and all the best.

    1. Hi Nick, much appreciated. As you most certainly know, what people need to understand and be reminded of, constantly, is the fact that Australia’s multi-ethnic society (and the US’s) is under assault by an alien idea. People get the concepts all mixed up, and its easy to do. What most people want, is a continuation of the multi-ethnic (melting pot) society, where one culture is embraced, Australian, with a common language and social values, that celebrate diversity of society, but not enforced. Private, and local public celebrations of different cultures that meld it into a unique ”Austalian” experience. That is what people are for, not group based politics, slice em and dice em and put them back together again according to some supposed genius’s grand design. You have my full support!

  2. Wiorth reading along with this article
    The Right and Left are entwined in a reciprocal relationship.

    In deciding how best to damage Christianity and traditional society, the Left (which is concentrated in the mass media – that is the centre of its power) is continually floating ideas.

    When an idea emerges that the Right can show to be almost-certainly damaging to those things which the Right values – then the Left will pick-up this idea and press it very hard indeed, with the full force of the modern mass media, sustained over many years.

    (Mostly by singling-out, lying-about, mocking, demonizing, damaging and destroying anyone who stands against it – this reputational assault being sustained by the mass media over years and decades. The modern mass media is fickle and self contradicting about almost everything – except this matter of reputationally destroying its enemies – and sanctifying its [arbitrarily chosen] symbolic heroes.)

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