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Vlad sent me this the moment I turned on my laptop. He’s right you know, sometimes it really is hard to determine if Islam isn’t the world’s largest comedy team, especially when they have these punch lines lying in wait. They are their own best comedy but they appear to be serious, which might be the best form of comedy that you could think of.

But first, let the Muppets set the pace……..

Now: Team Tard comedy hr…….

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  1. Islam is so stupid and dirty. Yet we have influential professors of religion who praise this cult of idiots and violence. One positive thing about this – I immediately tag anyone who is supposedly knowledgable about Islam as an idiot or a fellow traveler aiding Islam’s conquest by their obfuscations, lies and excuse making. This also is true for those idiotic Christian clergy who run to every interfaith meeting and join with the Muslim imams and spokespeople in denouncing those who commit ‘blasphemy’ against Islam. You know, us! Truly, their words and action separate the wheat from the chaff. The problem is how ignorant the infidel masses are to what is going on. They take what these professors say as reliable and correct. I am talking about Islam to people all the time, and this will be a good laugh anecdote when I am talking to men.

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