Muslim persecution of Christians Syria



A warning to all those promoting the overthrow of the Assad regime by the current riffraff fighting against it, there is another dimension worth considering, the Islamic supremacist drive to finally rid the area of its non-Muslim population. Think about it during this Easter holiday.

VIA: Weasel Zippers

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  1. Weasel Zippers got one right, good for him.

    It is embarrassing how stupid Americans are. Who would defend Mein Kampf being burned? Who would be upset about the pages of Mein Kampf that called for harm to Jews to be torn out and thrown-away?

    What is the difference between the Qu’ran and Mein Kampf? The Qu’ran is twice as “anti-semitic” or “anti-Jewish” as Mein Kampf.

    Islam is no more a religion than Nazism. Muhammad or Hitler both made themselves out as gods or demi-gods, but for sure they both held themselves as an ultimate/suprem authority on earth in their daily lives.

    What effectively is the difference between between Islam and Nazism?

    You have no respect for Nazism but some for the greater evil of Islam. Islam is more murderous, more hateful, more blasphemous, more unlawful, and more unjust than Nazism or communism.

    Look at the record, history, and Truth.

    Defend the Qu’ran not being burned and or torn now, dumb asses.

    Maybe the next time I, or someone, reads passages that call for the violation of human rights because you are a Christian/Jew/Infidel including torture and death from the Qu’ran and then TEAR OUT THOSE PAGES as an intellectual defense of human rights and a protest to evil, WEASEL ZIPPERS AND THE REST OF THE STOOGES WILL SHUT THE HELL UP!!

    I am on the side of Justice and can read, maybe Weasel Zippers the (anonymous wussy that he is), can grow up, use his big-boy name and read his Bible and understand we in America are Christians who serve Christ first and not some manmade religion.

    It is time to to put an end to Islam. Yeah I use my real name, you can search me online. I am a Christian man, and a Christian warrior.

    Pray for Christians in harms way around the world!!

    Defend human rights and send Islam to Hell where it belongs right next to Nazism.

  2. Dear Reader/Blogger,

    My above post is somewhat personal since I was personally attacked and maligned repeatedly by a number of individuals, Weasel Zippers and The Blaze to name a couple, simply for defending Christians, and I never have received an apology although I gave them my personal contact info and ask them to call me on many occasions.

    Not to mention, I am damn easy to find and don’t hide and have public contact and press releases where I can be found if they wanted to ask me personal questions.

    I was at the first “Tea Party movement” event in Chicago and held protests and helped organize rallies and spoke at them and attended many of them.
    I have always been a part of the Tea Party, but I am a Christian FIRST. Like Samuel Adams or other patriots who would have stood with me in my protest of Islam and anti-Christian violence.

    Unlike most “teapartiers,” I am like my forefathers who engaged in civil-disobedience in the actual Boston Tea Party. Also like the Founding Fathers, I believe Christian morality and ethics must be applied in everyday actions and politics, not just worry about freedom, money, taxes, spending, or guns.

    There is not social issue or economic issue, there is simply morality or immorality, Christian ethics or rebellion to God and His laws.

    You can be a great business man and be conservative in your economics and go to Hell. You can be a “great conservative” and completely get Ethics and Morality wrong and God wipe from the earth in His Justice.

    Who makes the Laws, who has the final say, God or a group of men?, (even if they are elected to congress). Your rights come from God or they don’t exist. And the Constitution is meaningless without Christ and Christianity, WAKE UP!!

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