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If they’re ultra-nationalist and against the free market system, they’re Leftists.

In reading the bio of the Forza Nuova (New Force) I am reminded of a video clip I took from a Finnish political television debate that took place back in 2007, with the leaders of minor parties. At the beginning of the video below, Olavi Mäenpää, chairman of the Sinivalkoinen (Blue and white party) is asked to show where his party’s political philosophy lies on a board marked Left, Center, and Right. Mäenpää places his mark clearly on the Left.

At some point during the debate, Olavi  Mäenpää calls for the castration of foreigners raping women in Finland, something for which he was later convicted of for defamation  The shows moderator, looking very uncomfortable with what she just heard, said his views sounded ”right-wing” though he clearly identifies with the Left.

Now back to the Italian Forza Nuova. This is a group sounding very much like the Greek’s Golden Dawn. Their party platform reads like something from the Benito Mussolini era. One noticeable addition to their party platform, calls for the abolition of capitalism, something of which I believe that the Finnish politician Olavi Mäenpää would be in agreement.

Again, what we are witnessing here is the rise of traditional ultra-nationalist Left-wingers, or if you will, the right side of the aisle in Leftist/socialist politics, and though they recognize the dangers of Islamization, they’re hardly the type liberty minded people like myself would want to see running society once the situation in Europe normalized.

Yes, the West was forced to align itself with the communists battling Hitler during WWII,  but afterwards it refused to champion the Soviet aligned states that developed later on during in the Cold War and at great cost.

There is no easy solutions to Islamization, but the main emphasis as I see it, should be a continued vigorous support of civil liberties, applying the rule of just law, along with new law restricting political sharia law from all public life, (one law for all), coupled with a reverse in immigration policy, the need to end chain immigration and a re-institution of the quota system.

NOTE: Once the racist Left gets involved, the situation gets very ugly, very fast.

Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque

Forza Nuova blocks Muslim community from using gym for worship

Extreme-right political group seals off makeshift mosque(ANSA) – Pesaro, March 29 – Members of the neo-fascist political party Forza Nuova who sealed off a gym being used by the local Muslim community as a mosque in the Marche city of Pesaro said that they were protesting the “wild and uncontrolled immigration” choking the country.

“We’re not going to allow communities of immigrants to commit crimes that remain unpunished or open activities that take our money, especially when thousands of companies managed by Italians close every day,” Forza Nuova chapter head Christian Sanchini said.

“These places of worship can easily become meeting places for non-European criminals…Italians risk becoming a minority and confined to ghettos,” he said.

H/T: Baron Bodissey

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