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You fight with the enemy, you  lose your citizenship, what’s so hard to understand about that?


The leading human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce said the present situation “smacked of mediaeval exile, just as cruel and just as arbitrary”.

I’m sick of these moronic ”human rights” activists, shut up jerk, go practice law in Iran.

brits stripped of citizenship then droned 30.3.2013

An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for The Independent has established that since 2010, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has revoked the passports of 16 individuals, many of whom are alleged to have had links to militant or terrorist groups.

Critics of the programme warn that it allows ministers to “wash their hands” of British nationals suspected of terrorism who could be subject to torture and illegal detention abroad.

They add that it also allows those stripped of their citizenship to be killed or “rendered” without any onus on the British Government to intervene.

At least five of those deprived of their UK nationality by the Coalition were born in Britain, and one man had lived in the country for almost 50 years. Those affected have their passports cancelled, and lose their right to enter the UK – making it very difficult to appeal against the Home Secretary’s decision. Last night the Liberal Democrats’ deputy leader Simon Hughes said he was writing to Ms May to call for an urgent review into how the law was being implemented.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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  1. “At least five of those deprived of their UK nationality by the Coalition were born in Britain”

    And why should it matter where a person is born?? If a pig is born in a horse stable does that mean that it’s a horse?? Off course not. People of foreign decent born in Brittain may have a Britsh passport but that doesn’t mean that they can call themselves true Brits. They are not yet rooted in Brittain, for that to happen several generations of them have to be born and raised in Brittain. It’s good that jihadis with a British passport are stripped off their nationality, they don’t deserve the British citizenship, and those filthy ‘human rights’ morons should shut their stinking and treasonous mouths before a patriot shuts it for them.

    1. Careful, brother- you’ll be accused of ‘Islamophobia’ next!

      Pity the useful idiot ‘human rights’ morons can’t be got rid of along with the pond scum…

  2. Finally a light of hope, common sense LAW.

  3. What about the idiot loudmouth Anjem Choudary- why is he not dealt with the same way??

    1. If he left the country Ms May could do this to him but only if he goes abroad.

  4. “Last night the Liberal Democrats’ deputy leader Simon Hughes said he was writing to Ms May to call for an urgent review into how the law was being implemented”.

    Simon Hughes has allready shown himself to be a traitor to the people of Britain.

    He is one of the members, in fact a co chair, of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia.

    To investigate the forms, manifestations and extent of prejudice and discrimination against Muslims in the UK today. To review the effectiveness of all legislation with a view to improving the rate of success in the prosecution of hate crimes. To review existing mechanisms for the recording of anti-Muslim hate crimes both through police forces across the country and through third party reporting sites with a view to improving data quality and comprehensiveness. To investigate and review the role of the media in fostering mutual respect and tolerance and guarding against misrepresentations of Islam and intolerance towards Muslims.

    The full list of traitors

    Title Name Party
    Co-Chairs Khalid Mahmood Lab
    Simon Hughes LD
    Stuart Andrew Con
    Vice Chair Jack Straw Lab
    Treasurer Nigel Dodds DUP

    Government Party Main Opposition Party Other
    1 Eric Ollerenshaw – Con Julie Hilling Caroline Lucas Green
    2 Angie Bray – Con Mark Hendrick Jonathan Edwards PC
    3 Dr Julian Lewis – Con Stephen Timms Lord Ouseley CB
    4 Stuart Andrew – Con Jack Straw
    5 Lord Sheikh – Con Lord Mitchelll
    6 Simon Hughes – LD Simon Danczuk
    7 Tom Brake – LD David Anderson
    8 Sir Peter Bottomley – Con
    9 Gordon Birtwistle – LD

  5. Anjem Choudary is such an obvious pig that he should remain unmolested as a living example of the demented who champion Ilam!

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