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Bugsy comes to town just in time for Easter……..

choudary helsinki 28.3.2013

choudrary helsinki 28.3.2013


Radical Muslim preacher speaks at an undiclosed location in Helsinki – demands release of terrorists

The Security Police confirm information about the event. According to the press release, the speakers demanded the release of known al-Qaeda-linked Muslim prisoners.

British radical Muslim preacher organized a speaking event in Helsinki. A notice was placed on an internet site that it would be held today, Thursday afternoon in Helsinki, and at an undisclosed location. The Security Police has confirmed the organizing of the event to Yle news.

The web page announcing Anjem Choudary, a well-known Muslim leader in Britain. There, he leads Islam4UK- a Muslim organization banned in 2010 under the terrorism law. The organization called for the introduction of sharia law into Britain. According to the release Choudary is a representative of the Shariah4Finland organization.

The Security Police is aware of the gathering and monitoring the situation.

– It has long been known that there are more and more people who have connections to radical individuals, says SUPO Communications Liinu Lehto.

According to the release, the conference, held in honor of Mullah Krekar, whose incarcerated in Norway for threats, was “very successful.” Therefore, the “special seminar will be held once again in the heart of Finland, demanding Muslims to rise up against the oppression of man’s law and to work vigorously to free all Muslim prisoners.”

One of the conference speakers was Awat Karkuky, who according to the Norwegian media is Mullah Krekar’s British student.

Known terrorists

The press release mentioned by name and by picture, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Hamza, Omar Abdul Rahman and Aafia Siddiqui. They are al-Qaeda terrorists convicted of well-known terrorist attacks or in the planning of them. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a Guantanamo prisoner, the terrorist leader, considered, inter alia, the main architect of the September 11 attacks. In addition, he has been recognized by, among other things, behind the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan in 2002.

As for Abu Hamza he is a former imam and radical preacher extradited from the UK late last year, and delivered to the United States. He is charged with, among other things, attempting to organize a terrorist training camp in Oregon. Omar Abdul Rahman, the “blind sheik,” and Aafia Siddiqui, “Baghram’s gray lady” are both imprisoned in the United States – Rahman, for the 1993 World Trade Center attack, and in turn, Siddiqui was caught in Afghanistan with bomb instructions and toxic chemicals.

At the In Amenas gas plant  Algeria, those behind the taking of hostages demanded the release of Rahman  and Siddiquin for the release of American hostages.


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  1. When will the Fins and the other European nations wake up? What is needed is a revocation of citizenship for people like Choudry and their progeny, removal of citizenship for those born in a country but expelled from it has a historic precedent, and should be followed in the interests of European security and peace.
    He and his progeny, all of whom live on welfare, could be ‘repatriated’ to the land of their parents/grandparents, in his case either Pakistan or Bangladesh, where I am sure they would be happier in an Islamic environment.
    Social Democracy (tolerance for scum who would destroy the democratic institutions they use to destroy it) will be the grave of European civiliazation unless we act soon.

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