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Moronic! Resign!

Helin’s feeble excuse that he can do anything he wants as a private person doesn’t wash with his position as an elected official. Of course it matters what a person elected to office does on his own time, what he did reflects the man’s mindset, some things apparently are a joke to him.

Make no mistake, I would be as upset if Risto Helin had awarded a Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Che Guevara clock to any organization dedicated to the philosophy of these murderous tyrants. This is really beyond the pale, and what’s worse, the idiot doesn’t even think he did anything wrong.

finns party ombudsman donated hitler clock 28.3.2013

Finns Party Vaasa City Council member, Risto Helin, has donated Hitler-clock to a neo-Nazi club. The incident became known from a story published by Image Magazine on Thursday concerning the Vaasa club.

Yle’s Österbottenin reached out to Helin who did not see anything wrong with that, but states that as an ordinary person he can do what he wants.

– I’m not racist and I’m not a Nazi. There is no difference if I would be given a clock with Stalin or Mao’s image, says Helin.

The Finns Vaasa City Council member and the Member of Parliament, Maria Tolppanen, is shocked by the information, and intends to take it up with Helin, but also the party’s local association, as well as in Helsinki.

– This is no ordinary thing, Tolppanen says.

The club that received the gift operates in Klemetti Vaasa. Image was following their activities during the weekend.


NOTE: Thoughts for Risto Helin and his supporters to ponder:

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  1. I don’t get it. What is a right-wing politician doing promoting National SOCIALISTS like Hitler? I saw a documentary about a pro-Nazi regime in Finland during WW2. But to be Finnish should have nothing to do with promoting socialism or communism.

    Until the right-wing seriously start to look at a coherent policy around libertarianism/austrian economics, it looks like they are doomed to be dragged slowly along with a socialist agenda, or be contaminated by socialists who like Hitler/Mussolini.

    A libertarian, individualist anti-state program should ensure that any socialists will stay far away. Including National Socialists.

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