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You know it’s got to be bad when peaceful Buddhists are deemed hardliners.

Of course the Beeb takes the side of the Muslims, though they would never want themselves to be thrust up against one of their communities abroad. It’s only the UK’s last vestige of civil law that’s keeping their whole teetering mess from collapsing in on itself, and even that eventuality is only a matter of time.

I think that the rest of the world is finally wising up to Islamic encroachment/hegemony, and while reacting in illiberal ways, are only seeking to protect their own way of life, I just hope that it doesn’t escalate into full blown violence. The body of evidence throughout history vis-a-vis Islam and the world is amazingly clear, everywhere it washes up on shore, the host culture eventually dies out, to be replaced with monoculture Islam with perhaps some trappings of the former society remaining.

NOTE: That is what’s at stake here.

“Look around the world – Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others, they were all Buddhist countries – but the Muslims destroyed the culture and then took over the country. We worry they’re planning it here too.”

buddhists against halal 26.3.2013

More here. H/T Vlad with a vid found by Magic Martin

And of course, the lying sacks of taqiyya are out in full spin mode:

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