Scotland Terrorism Terrorism Pays Western Appeasement Western politicians for sharia Western stooges



Just like the Norwegian government caught funding Palestinian terrorist groups.

H/T: Scottish Infidel

islamic relief

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  1. More typical nonsense from out of touch bleeding heart liberals who think they can ‘save’ the world and folks in far away places. My advice to these fools and dupes is that charity begins at home, I’m quite sure that the needs of the poor and elderly in Scotland would be better served, and the results of charity verified.

  2. These fake charities go by a myriad of names in order to make them hard for police to investigate them. There’s a zillion and one of these “charities” all using slightly different names – but they’re all the same one and ran by the same terrorist filth.

    I was researching the head durka durk of al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya during this past 9/11 terrorist festival. He was the brother of the blind sheik and had been in jail till freed after the islamist coup in Egypt, otherwise known to the gullable as the arab spring.

    He was head of the islamist filth who did the luxor massacre and the assassination of Sadat. But his wikipedia page had been gotten to by terrorists and read like a love letter. It said he had worked for one of these chairites doing charitable yada yada yada. But would you believe it- this international charitable organization didn’t actually exist when I did a google search. Or rather it did under infinitely variable similar names.

    I finally found it. The only place it was listed was on a US government site about terrorism (soopraz soopraz soopraz). The US had discovered that all those variously named islamic charity organizations were all terrorist fronts and were all actually one group.

    One of them was sucking money out of the tardwads at the UN. Were they arrested? Nope. The UN just said they couldn’t be worked with anymore.

  3. my comment didn’t make it past the spam filter.

  4. These groups are all one terrorist front posing as charity organizations. They use similar names in order to confound the police.

    The leader of ismalay al gamaa (spelled many different ways), the “offshoot” of the Muslim Brotherhood that committed the luxor massacre and (variously) the assassination of Sadat.

    Terrorists had gotten to his biography on wikipedia and it read like a love letter. It said he had worked for one of these charites. I could not find it initially but eventually found it on a looooong list of similar sounding charities that were all one phoney baloney MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD front that raised money for terrorist groups. Offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood indeed.

  5. US gov — same thing. Must be purposeful, as they could not all be so ignorant of the facts.

    I feel like a jerk, but here’s a small suggestion..let’s all stop using terms like “google it” and “google search.” Google is only one of many search engines, and it has the worst reputation for collecting info, working with the US government, hiding conservative information and participating in the :arab spring.” It is disturbing when we help the pro-jihadists by giving them free advertising and hits — and help them become gigantic compared to others who might not be so “helpful” to the cause. If we can stop lrying the left determine the language (replacing the term “search engine” with “google,” it would be major.

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