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Thanks to Aussie Dave at Israellycool for the catch.

This has Pallywood written all over it. After seeing the film, with repeated stop and go’s at precise time stamps Aussie Dave mentions,  you can only come to the conclusion that the kid was being coached, at least for me. You have to train your eye away from the theatrics to notice the inconsistencies. Bandaging his right arm in the ambulance was the coupe de grace to the entire attempt.

Aussie Dave:

At the beginning of the video, a few kids are walking normally. Then at 0:05, one complains about his leg. A few seconds later, and the three kids are standing around, seemingly quite relaxed. Then the previously complaining kid – standing on the right – points to his right leg. At 0:14 he slides to the ground, sobbing.

Fast forward to 1:03, where the middle kid, who has been fine until now, seemingly starts to cry. Then at 1:45, the kid who complained about his leg seems to be walking normally. But at 1:48 – presto! He’s limping. Then at 1:54 he’s lying on the ground. Thirty seconds later in the ambulance, he’s getting his right arm (not leg) – seemingly fine until now – bandaged.

Read it in full here at Israellycool.

NOTE: Remember folks, the Palestinian Arabs use kids 10 years old and up in their conflict with the Jewish state of Israel. That’s the a big part of the reason for children being  included in the casualty statistics.

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  1. This is typical for ‘the followers of the teachings of the prophet’ to use their brainwashed since birth youths for cannon fodder and then accuse the IDF of war crimes and harming civilians.

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