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Oh but it’s ok, he says that he’s just ‘helping his neighbor’.

Helping your neighbor doesn’t mean helping to slit the throats of the members of your own congregation. We all know very well if the tables were turned, not only would these Christians not be allowed to hold a prayer service in a Mosque, they would have their own existence being threatened, as the existence of their co-religionists are being threatened all over the world by Islamic supremacists.

Also, how does the ‘priest’ square with the fact that they are praying for his and Christianity’s eventual destruction?

jesus in islam

Christians are supposed to ‘turn the other cheek, and the Muslims happily oblige them with repeated blows on the fresh surface. Don’t mistake a recipe for personal relations with that of a suicide pact.

H/T: Fjordman via Bare Naked Islam

REV-POOBALAN and his multiculti project

And how does the Huffington-Puffington Post report it? That the poor priest is being ‘abused’ in FB postings. Give me a break. The ‘preist’ should be thrown out on his ear.

Scottish Church That Let Muslims In To Pray Hit By ‘Satan’ Abuse On Facebook

A priest who has allowed Muslims to pray in his church has told how he has been hit by a barrage of abuse by internet ‘trolls’.

St John’s Episcopal Church became the first church in the UK to share their building with Muslims after Rev Isaac Poobalan saw members of a neighbouring mosque praying outside in the snow because of a lack of space.

Hundred of Muslims now pray in the Aberdeen Church’s main hall and chapel every week, but the news has not been well received by some Christians, who have taken to the church’s Facebook page to blast the decision.

One user said that the church were “sharing Christ’s table with Satan” before others another predicted a “flood” of Muslims moving to Aberdeen to convert the church into a mosque and said Rev Poobalan needed to be given the “boot” before it was too late.

Another posted: “I would leave this so called “church”. Allah is Satan, and no God.

More here.

NOTE: I believe that every parishioner should follow the advice in the last comment.

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  1. “I believe that every parishioner should follow the advice in the last comment.”

    Or turn it to our advance!

    Simply spread the rumour all the muslims who attend those church-events will eventually convert to Christianity.

    Remember muslims are superstitious and can easily be manipulated.

  2. When one ‘turns the other cheek’ to a Muslim he will lose his head.

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