Islamic anti-Semitism



He denounces that which he, by default, …supports.

Mehdi Hasan is a Muslim who ‘sees the light’ but refuses inquiry to the exact nature of the problem. He sees the disease, but is not inquisitive about the source…he wants the cure, but without going through the identification process. Not that I approve, but, if you follow my logic here, it’s understandable in a way.

 Mehdi Hasan wants his cake and to eat it as well. He realizes that ”Muslims have a Jew problem”, and that is a significant statement and to be applauded, but he can’t allow himself to go the extra step and deal with the root problem for the anti-Semitism. Islam itself. Seeing that he also denounced those of us who warn about the dangers of sharia law:

There is no Muslim equivalent of the Ten Commandments codifying Islamic law. Nor does the Quran pretend to be an all-encompassing legal or penal code. Sharia, therefore, is constantly evolving, with different Islamic scholars – Sunni/Shia, conservative/liberal, Arab/ non-Arab – offering differing interpretations.

…one can assume that he’s trying to be something for everyone, and take the place of ‘martyr’ when he catches it from all sides. But in his defense of the sharia, as well as his refusal to deal with the root cause of Muslim anti-Semitism, that being it’s Islamc foundations, he gives himself away, at least to the trained eye. As I noted before:


…what Mehdi Hasan is telling us, is to look the other way, there is absolutely nothing to see here. Islam is behind the curtain telling us what it wants us to hear with no right to talk back to it, and if we do, we’re to suffer the brunt of the law because of it. Sharia law is their Achilles heel and they know it, all we have to do is expose it for what it is, and keep the pressure on. 

I greatly appreciate Mehdi Hasan’s attempts to address Muslim anti-semitism, but without an honest search into the historical roots to the phenomenon, his sincerity has to be questioned, not that it exists, but that it exists up until the point it touches his belief system. For me, it’s the same as if a ‘well meaning’ Neo-Nazi derided racism among his fellow members, ”folks, we have a racist attitude problem”, but then refused to address the ideology contained in Mein Kampf.

Some out there may not like the comparison, but prove me wrong, if you dare try.

mehdi hasan denounces muslim anti-semitism but not the islamic texts that contribute to it 23.3.2013

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