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UPDATE: I’m now being told that there’s a good possibility of the company which sold the products being ”Muslim-owned”. That the founder/owner of the food company is a Muslim-Turkish immigrant. As I said, oozing with irony. If anyone can independently verify that, please catch me in the comments.

States that bend backwards in appeasing their increasingly intimidating population of Muslims, finds out that halal products sold in their stores, contain pork meat. When you understand that part of the proceeds of halal products goes to fund the jihad, then the story begins to not drip, but ooze with irony. Jihad is pork fueled.

Pork found in UK, Norway halaal products

March 15 2013 at 08:29pm

food labelingOSLO, Norway – Europe’s embarrassing meat saga took a troubling twist after reports emerged in Norway and Britain that meat labeled ‘halaal’, or fit for consumption by Muslims, was found to contain pork.

Norway’s food inspectorate said Friday it has found pork in kebab meat and pizza toppings that were labeled halaal, while a British meat company apologized after halaal chicken sausages supplied to at least one school were found to contain pork.

Muslims are forbidden to eat pork under Islamic law.

Ragnhild Arnesen, spokeswoman for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, said the agency was testing food for horse meat and discovered that some products contained large amounts of pork though the labels indicated they were all-beef.

“We found the pork both in kebab meat in grocery stores and meat used in fast-food eating places,” Arnesen said.


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