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They really don’t care for ”cultures”, they care more about control of society, that’s their dominant driving goal, the rest is just blue smoke and mirrors.

save the baby veal

Here we see the policies of the multiculturalists in full bloom and in attack mode, working against the very people you would presume to see benefiting from multiculturaism the most. Indigenous tribal people of Canada. As I have said all along, statism and multiculturalism are intrinsically linked, you couldn’t have the latter without the former.

The reason why the Inuit are getting the short shrift from what one would assume to be their natural ally, is that statist government, that naturally divides the people up into this or that group, issues its policies along the lines of political self serving interests, political expedience, and above all, political fealty.

The Inuit, and their way of life, are just not that important enough to the multiculturalists to warrant a reprieve. Other groups having more clout and voice is all that it takes to knock their guiding multiculti principles to the ground. This is the key to understanding the multicultural statist mindset, they want you to be continuously proving your political clout in order to be ”showered with their goodness”.

This is not virtue nor rule of law, this is kleptocracy, with an illusion of representational democratic rule, as they cookie cutter society and hand out special reprieves to only select groups that are currently in their favor. One only needs to look at U.S., in Obamacare, to see that in action.

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