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  1. That’s Ging Gang Goolie neo hippies for you : adolescently clueless.

  2. I look at other Western women covering up in hijabs because I marvel at them giving up freedom and embracing slavery. How can anyone choose to not be counted equal, I don’t know.

  3. equal And different are two different things we were created differently and we have different needs. The wests lie to make women exactly like men has just made women compete with men to behave like men when we are not men! i dont see men trying to adopt female rights to feel ‘equal’. i too used to feel this way that wearing a hijab deprived me, but is it equal wen a women steps out the door and gets hooted and hollered at because shes a woman? im a woman with a brain im not an object for you to drool over as i walk by im not something to holler at or touch. ive been touched up without consent on the streets and this is something many women experience when ‘put with the girls’ has that happened to me since i wore a hijab? hellno.

    1. Your understanding of the Western concept of equal, is skewed. Equality is in the freedom of opportunity, not of outcome. Don’t worry though, the Left gets it all wrong as well. Wearing an extra piece of cloth is not going to protect any woman from verbal abuse or even handling without a civil society. You only have to look to Cairo where women in hijabs or in burkas are raped. Without a respect for women, no amount of clothing is enough.

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