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Something isn’t right here.

The Soviet’s attacked the Finns in 1939, in an all out war of unprovoked aggression and expansion, and Putin wants to honor the forces that carried it out? The Finns should be up in arms over this like the Finnish soldier in the picture.

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History: The Reset

Imagine for a moment  the response if  Angela Merkel  had just proposed putting up memorials honoring German soldiers killed during the Polish campaign in 1939. And then imagine the response if Merkel capped that by explaining that the attack on Poland ought to be seen as an attempt to correct mistakes made at the Treaty of Versailles.

Putin: Red Army losses in Finland to be honored


MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has voiced support for building memorials to honor Red Army soldiers who died in a 1939-1940 war with Finland.

Putin said Thursday at a meeting with military historians that Soviet dictator Josef Stalin launched the war to “correct mistakes” made in drawing the border with Finland after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

Putin says the Red Army sustained heavy losses because of errors, but it mobilized to make Finland “feel all the power of the Russian, then Soviet state,” according to Russian news agencies.

The Soviet Union attacked Finland in November 1939, and the Winter War ended with a peace treaty in March 1940 that left the Soviets with significant territorial gains. The Red Army lost up to 150,000 soldiers, and about 20,000 Finns were killed.

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  1. Like Shinzō Abe visiting the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo that honors Japan’s war dead, including convicted war criminals.

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