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UPDATE: Scroll down.

A young woman writes in Hebrew on the pavement already filled with statements in chalk, ”Long Live the people of Israel” and then a woman suddenly comes up, takes the chalk from her hand, refuses to give it back, while repeatedly pushing and shoving her.

hamas sucks pigshit

NOTE: An interesting part is at the beginning of the video, her pro-Israel friend writes ”Hamas sucks pigshit” on the pavement! Then comes along a tough guy and threateningly drives them from a public space.

H/T: Gary via: Edler of Ziyon: ”A leftist anti-Israel group that is trying to act like an “occupy” group set up a sparsely-attended anti-Israel rally in Oakland.”

UPDATE: The female perp who did the abusing is Gabby Silverman. She’s already been in custody for violence In San Francisco. There is no reason why charges shouldn’t be brought up against her.

gabby silverman nut job

UPADTE II: Here’s a video taken by Shlomo, the man who accompanied the woman assaulted in the original video, of the BDS event in general, prior to the assault. Here is Shlomo Ben Hungstein’s own website.

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  1. It’s better to not engage mental cases, but turning them into Rachel Corrie pancakes
    ain’t a bad idea at all.

  2. finally i’m getting some recognition for what i wrote that day thanks instead of just my female companion that day. thanks a lot : )

    1. Shlomo, kudos to you and your friend. They need to be confronted like this, and in my opinion, in larger numbers. Totalitarians never allow for diverse opinions, so its no wonder you guys were intimidated, and the woman, viciously pushed, shoved out of the area, I also take note of the other woman (dark haired) in the group who was egging it all on. That Silverman already has a police record shouldn’t come as a surprise. Denying others free speech is a Leftist ”deemed right” all its own.

      1. thanks for the feed back KGS it’s always good to find a new friend out there. i’ve had a quite a bit of dealings with these leftist hypocrites for a few years now so i know of which you speak. you can take a look at my blog if you’d like to see if you find anything else of interest. this isn’t a typical blog it’s minimal text and basically just a video library of local S.F. Bay Area stuff like on Wed. in Oakland and i only update it to post new videos which is really only once in a while. by the way i got a call from the founder of Z Street today about the oakland video : ) https://proisraelctu.blogspot.com/

        1. Thanks Shlomo, I’ll update the post with your video on the event in general, and a link to your own webpage.

    2. Good man Shlomo ! Long Live Israel and may one day these aggressive holier-than-thou libtards grow a brain cell

      1. thanks, but don’t hold your breath for the brain cell growth. radical leftists are basically just another hate group and every bit as retarded.

  3. Long live Israel and the Jews! Down with Palestine and the Arabs!

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