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These are the kind of ”geniuses” ruling Norway for decades and passing judgement on Israel.

NOTE: What’s with the ”Spock thing” he’s got going on with his eyebrows?

Erik Solheim

Real despicable politicians. The more one scratches the surface of Norwegian political life, the more one understands just how radical these people are. That the political class seeks to promote themselves as legitimate voices of humanitarianism, while they continually promote radicals among them to high levels of public office, speaks legions of their ”humanitarianism”.

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Erik Solheim is one of China’s Communist Party ardent advocates in Norway.
Erik Solheim has written a book. China’s recent history described in laudatory, if not uncritical terms. There is every reason to believe that the leaders of the Communist Party of China applauds.

erik solheim loves dictatorship 13.3.2013

Under the title ” dictatorship errand boy ” Terje Svabø at the Aftenposten describes today how former Socialist Left Party leader and Minister, Erik Solheim, is emerging as one of the most ardent proponents of China’s Communist Party in Norway.

Solheim, according to Svabø, is almost totally uncritical of the one-party state in his latest book.

“In page after page he (Solheim) reveals both a naive and scary lethargic attitude to the authoritarian one-party system,” writes Svabø.

It’s not the first time. For Solheim has written books before. For instance in 1999. It was titled Closer, and if anyone still has it on the bookshelf, they should turn to pages 280 and 281

Where Erik Solheim and the Parliament’s foreign affairs committee is on a visit to Damascus, with dictator Hafez al-Assad. Or as Solheim so beautifully describes the meeting: “Assad appeared to us as a good-natured grandfather-type with few clear statements, but with great care and warmth . “(my italics).

This warm and caring grandfather had been Syria’s dictator for 29 years. He had during that time managed to build up no less than 15 different security services – mukhabarat – who supervised the people, the elite and others, and with iron hands.

Care and warmth from the dictator

Furthermore Solheim writes admiringly, “Hafez Assad has been in power in Syria for almost thirty years, no small feat (my italics) for a poor kid who is an alawitt, from a religious minority. “

No, of course, it’s an achievement of a dictator who ruled with permanent martial law. Laws that gave security, like the right to arrest, torture, imprison – and execute – people who allowed themselves to think highly of democracy or maybeof  another president than Assad. Or – as it was in the law – “weakened the nation’s morals.”

And of course an achievement of the Alawitt who systematically promoted their religious brethren, in the defense, security and state apparatus. As did his family and close Alawitt friends who systematically usurped the values ​​of the country and built up their own wealth.

Did massacres

When Erik Solheim wrote the book, he was fully aware of the Assad regime’s massacre of Sunni Muslims in Hama in 1982. The Muslim Brotherhood started a rebellion in 1980, and two years later, the dictator had enough.

With tanks, artillery and armies he slaughtered an entire town. Men, women and children. The death toll range from 20,000 to 40,000.

“In the Middle East you do not win respect by showing weakness,” writes Erik Solheim of the massacre.

Now the son of Hafez – Bashar al-Assad, who inherited the dictatorship when his father died in 2000 – managed to kill between 70,000 and 80,000 of its inhabitants. He used combat helicopters, fighters and Scud missiles against civilian population.

In 1999, after visiting one of the most brutal and ruthless dictators in the Middle East, Solheim concluded with the following sentence:

“Despite this brutality, I think Syria has an undeservedly has a  bad reputation in the West.”

Is he still there?

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