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I’ve been saying this for a long while now, that Islam can never be expected to go through a similar enlightenment as did Christianity. The Muslims have the hindsight of what such an enlightenment leads to, and will reject any such thing from taking hold in Islam. That’s the raw nitty gritty of it, you can wail and whine, kick you shoes against the curb and wish it weren’t true, but it’s not going to change anything.

NOTE: The only reason why some people refuse to admit the truth about Islam being totally incapable of reforming itself, is because of the daunting reality of the over 1 billion people who consider themselves a part of the Islamic ummah. If it were a mere handful or couple of thousand of followers, the attitudes of the fence sitters would be drastically different.

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Mar. 12, 2013 11:10am 

Kassim al Ghasali Leaves Morocco After Receiving Death Threats, Says Unmitigated Horror Found in Quran

After turning away from Islam and becoming an atheist, young blogger Kassim al-Ghasali became a target in his native Morocco. Following a string of death threats, he sought political asylum in Switzerland, where he now lives and continues to embrace ideals of freedom and tolerance.

Ever-outspoken in his beliefs, al-Ghasali presented a speech at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy in February. Speaking to the German-language news outlet Die Welt following the event, the young Moroccan shared his views (a translation of the full interview can be found in the Gates of Geneva blog), on the Arab Spring, why he believes Islam cannot be reformed in the same way that Christianity was, and why moderate Muslims should admit that “terror and violence” — or more pointedly, “unmitigated horror” — is part of the Koran.

Al-Ghasali also poignantly added that the Koran is a “politically and historically-determined book and not the word of Allah” and that Islam cannot be reformed as its tenets are anathema to Western enlightenment, which helped to reform Christianity [emphasis added].

In my opinion, there can be no reformation or enlightenment in Sunni or Shiite Islam, because there is no church to be reformed,” al-Ghasali explained to Die Welt.

“In Islam, we are subject to the power of a sacred book and the instructions it gives. Identity and understanding of self come from the Quran. If Muslims could use their reason without the instructions of a book which is recognized as the Word of God, then we could talk about enlightenment. But today most Muslims are against the ideas of the Western Enlightenment.

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  1. I am no expert, however if you brainwash the ‘faithful’ and the ‘pious’ from birth and discourage any critical thought, discussion, or even questioning any teaching, and threaten apostates with death, If it has not changed in 1400+ yrs. I see little hope for change.

  2. Quote: Islam cannot be reformed in the same way that Christianity was

    There is an assumption that Christianity was somehow morally bad, and needed to be “Reformed”. This misunderstanding derives from the word “Reformation”. Martin Luther is thus credited with “reforming” Christianity.

    Martin Luther never wanted to reform Christianity. He would never dream of such a thing, as that would make him question and abbrogate the teachings of Jesus. His attack was not on Christianity but the Roman church that had become too materialist and monetaristic – in direct conflict with the Gospel. As the church was the most important influence in Europe, it was subject to infiltration to an extant by power hungry men, and the appointment by conquering kings, of popes who could hardly be called Christian, but would do the king’s bidding. Over a length of time, the corruption of materialism spread throughout the church.

    The church, whether Roman or Protestant is a collection of humans. All humans are prey to temptation and evil. As genuine Christians will tell you sincerely, the church is full of sinners. Their only saving grace is that they recognize that they are sinful and materialist.

    Given the now complete global conquest of materialism, it is a touch ironic as well as hypocritical, that we tend to disapprove of the materialist church before the “reformation”, while ignoring the beam in our own eyes.

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