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UFO sighted over Yemen; astronomer says it is ‘authentic’

Photographer says he captured it when object shot across his lens

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A Yemeni photographer captured what he believes was an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the mountains in northern Yemen and a picture he published showed a strange white triangular object streaming through the clouds.

Aseel Badiyan said he was using his camera to take shots of the mountains, nearly 90 km from the capital Sanaa, when the object shot across his lens.

Commenting on the photograph, a well-known Saudi astronomer said he had checked the picture and found that it was authentic.

h/t: Holger Danske

5 Responses

  1. Stealth airframe perhaps? Snapped/revealed under unusual light conditions?

    Y’all watch out for ‘Hellfires’, Aseel, they seem to appear out of nowhere :).

    1. It’s obviously nothing other than Al Burak in a full-body white triangular burkah.

  2. Looks like someone forgot to roll down their car window before they took the “picture” and got a reflection. Either that or its light refracting off of the camera’s iris. Nothing to see here other than some pig ignorant grown men in slippers and pajamas.

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