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The magnitude of unspeakable horror.

There are people out there who love to fiddle with the numbers of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and others murdered in the slaughterhouses of the Nazis and their henchmen during WW II, either downplaying, or even outright rejecting the already known, and carefully complied evidence by researchers as ”propaganda”.

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This post is for those who appreciate the work of honest scientific researchers who scour the bowels of society, digging up facts and separating them from truth and fiction. The countless interviews that detail personal experiences, matching them with known records, and using them along with other relevant information to build a coherent analysis.

For the conspiracy minded, many of whom are directly influenced by their own anti-Semitism, they will never be satisfied with any new evidence that contrasts with their deep seated views, for it becomes by default, part of the conspiracy, and will be rejected out-of-hand.

The width, depth and breadth of the German National Socialists’ mass murder apparatus is now known as being more expansive and encompassing than previously documented. The network of the Nazis (and their accomplices from many nations under Nazi occupation) death industry is staggering. It’s now known that the Nazis had created 42 500 camps and ghettos to victimize Jews.

This dispels the myth perpetrated by many Germans and Poles (and others) that they hadn’t any knowledge of the Nazis’ death industry, that is now known to have encompassed much of their society. They did indeed know, much much more than they were letting on to.

UPDATE: A book review by Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld shows that the reeducation of Germans after WWII has largely failed.


Major efforts have been made to reeducate the population of a country whose behavior during World War II has become a paradigm for absolute evil. For several decades it seemed that this had largely succeeded, and where it had not, this concerned a relative limited minority.
This book brings additional proof that this conclusion may have been premature and that in the postwar generations anti-Semitic stereotypes are strongly resurgent. The attention to anti-Semitism in Germany will increasingly have to shift from historians to political scientists and sociologists in view of the new, negative intellectual and cultural infrastructure being laid in society. The increase in group-targeted misanthropy, whose consequences are unforeseeable, will have to be monitored much more carefully in the coming years.

NOTE: Seeing that the scale of the Nazi death system is in far more magnitude than originally documented, the fact that the reeducation of the German society has largely failed, should give everyone a great measure of concern.

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Worse than the world ever imagined: True scale of the Holocaust revealed as it’s discovered Nazis created 42,500 camps and ghettos to persecute Jews – not 7,000 as previously thought

  • But they were left horrified to discover 42,500 across much of Europe
  • They also estimate up to 20 million people died or were imprisoned at sites


PUBLISHED: 17:36 GMT, 2 March 2013 | UPDATED: 20:02 GMT, 2 March 2013

It is one of the worst moments in history, which still horrifies to this day.

During Hitler’s brutal reign of Nazi Germany, more than six million Jews were killed.

But now new research has discovered that the Holocaust may well be even worse than previously thought.

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  1. “…..the myth perpetrated by many Germans and Poles (and others) that they hadn’t any knowledge of the Nazis’ death industry”
    Have you got any reference for myths perpetrated by Poles (and others)? I couldn’t find any in the book review by Manfred Gerstenfeld or in the Daily Mail article.

  2. Tom

    During the 1939 campaign people would organize a defense of their towns & villages by building & manning barricades. As soon as resistance was overcome. Slavic Poles oft times were quick to point out Jewish Poles.

    1. Anyone who had denounced Jews to the Nazis would try to conceal it, but that hasn’t anything to do with denying knowledge of the Nazi’s death camps and extermination squads.

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