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Sudan man’s foot, hand ‘amputated’ by court order

  • AFP
Published Thursday, February 28, 2013

Government doctors in Sudan amputated a man’s hand and foot to carry out a sentence for robbery, rights groups said on Wednesday, describing the extremely rare punishment as a form of torture.

The amputation of Adam Al Muthna’s right hand and left foot took place by court order at the interior ministry’s Al Rebat hospital in Khartoum on February 14, the rights groups said, citing “reliable sources.”

Muthna, 30, was convicted of armed robbery related to an attack on a truck carrying passengers, said a statement issued by New York-based Human Rights Watch, also on behalf of the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies, London-based REDRESS and US-based Physicians for Human Rights.

“Cross amputation is a form of state-sponsored torture,” said Vincent Iacopino, senior medical adviser at Physicians for Human Rights.

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  1. The ‘Religion Of Peace’ a misnomer if there ever was one. IMHO most Islamic countries are religious concentration camps cleverly disguised as nations with civilian government. Without this barbarity , and the threat of murder for apostates Islam would lose it’s hold on the ‘faithful’ in a very short time.

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