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 ‘You’re going to regret this.’

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And the fake media circles its wagon around Obama!

Woodwardgate: Media Gang-Tackle Iconic Journalist to Save Obama 

Wednesday night on CNN, legendary Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward stated that a “very senior person” in the Obama administration had threatened him in an email that Woodward would “regret” it if he continued to press the point that President Obama was the originator of the idea of sequestration, bore responsibility for it, and needed to stop redeploying defense resources to make political points. The Obama aide, Woodward told Politico, “yelled at me for about a half hour” as well. “I’ve tangled with lots of these people,” Woodward said. “But suppose there’s a young reporter who’s only had a couple of years – or 10 years’ – experience and the White House is sending him an email saying, ‘You’re going to regret this.’ You know, tremble, tremble, tremble. I don’t think it’s the way to operate.”

This is an incredible case of the White House attempting to bully the most iconic reporter of the 20th century – the reporter who, along with Carl Bernstein, took down a president of the United States. So you might expect the rest of the media to stand with Woodward. You’d be wrong. They’re too busy spending time playing defense for the White House.

More here at Breitbart.com.

3 Responses

  1. Rofl, they are scared. One of the ol` sharks start to circle around a piece of dead fish.

    1. Exactly…then you look at the media and what do the lap dogs do, jump into the lap of course.

  2. Obama’s down-low boyfriends died young. Woodward needs to know he’s alone and could be in danger if he angers Dear Leader.

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