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Political correctness doctrine enforced by the Australian prosecutor’s office.

I remember when the story broke, sharia law was given high profile in the reporting of the case, as well as it should have, since the four Muslim perps beat the crap out of a new convert for drinking alcohol, something of which is deemed ‘haram’, or forbidden under sharia law. The Australian court takes extremist efforts in de-linking any connection between the incident and sharia law. Expect more of the same as the Islamic community grows in size.

40 lashes under ‘Islamic law’: men guilty of assault


australian courts downplays role of sharia in brutal beating of wayward convert 28.2.2013

“Until now, assaults occasioned in the course of a religious practice involving the mortification of the flesh have not been before any court in any common law country.”

Mr Maloney said that, from the outset, prosecutors were clear the case was not about sharia, or about the Islamic faith.

More here.

Vlad has a couple of videos included in his post on the same story:

And what do Muslims really feel about sharia law in Australia?

4 Responses

  1. cry me a river. anyone that joins a religion well known for crime, brutality, and immorality deserves a good beating.

  2. Shame on you Australia. This is the beginning of more of the same. Keep letting them into the country and everyone will be at the mercy of these infidels.

  3. When will civilised countries learn that Islam is not compatible with our way of life?

    Look at every Islamic country and the state they are or were in – Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen etc. etc. Now those same people come to OUR western countries with democracy, cleanliness and order and turn them into the backward crapholes they left behind!

    I’ve seen the state of Muslim areas in Sweden, I’ve visited many northern towns in Great Britain, the suburbs of Paris and the immigrant communities in Berlin to name a few and they all have one thing in common – Muslims who want to establish their own standards and way of life on a free society and impose it on the rest of us. More disturbingly, our governments appear to be giving them a helping hand. Yet speak out against it and you are branded a bigot and intolerant.

    We can’t win, and the Muslims have nothing to lose. Disgraceful.

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