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This sentiment is more common among Muslims then the political elite will care to admit, and is present in just about city in Europe where they reside, and the Left tolerates it with a blind eye.

muslima loves hitler

Turkish Youths Approve of Holocaust on Dutch TV

On a program of the Dutch NTR TV station, a number of Dutch Turkish youths said that they approved of the Holocaust. One of them said, “What Hitler did to the Jews is fine with me.” The Center for the Information and Documentation Israel has called on the Minister of Education to investigate anti-Semitic prejudice among high school students. An earlier study among Amsterdam high school students showed the existence of much stereotypical prejudice against Jews.

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  1. In that case, I can say “What we did to Iraq and Afghanistan is fine with me”

  2. I once saw a chimp fling poo at the glass and then lick his fingers. I see no discernable differences in these two cultures other than the chimps by comparison are adorable to look at and smell better.

  3. “What we did to Iraq and Afghanistan is fine with me”

    Like arming islamist terrorists with that day state of the art weaponry? Or arming Saddam with WMDs to wage war against Iran? Suppose supporting (Direct intervention possible! [nice one! that shit is going to collapse on the EU]) the HC islamists at Syria is fine too.

  4. Funny thing is, They would have been next on the list after Hitler finished off the Jews.

  5. The only thing about Islam that surprises me is that any sane person can believe any of it…

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