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The president signed the sequestration into action, the amount to be struck from the federal budget is just a meager 44 billion, not the 85 billion constantly touted by Obama and parroted by his lackey media. As Mark Levin has said for over a week now, the GAO, the Government Accountability Office, has found over 125 billion in waste and improper payments. The actual amount of 44 billion in upcoming cuts, is almost 1/3 of the habitual wasteful spending, yet demagogic blowhards like Obama and Ellison, with the help of the media paint a picture of gloom and doom. Pathetic.

NOTE: Hannity gives far too much time to this ranting pie hole to spew his stupidity, but it’s a fun video nonetheless. Hannity: “Congressman you’re a total waste of time”, and I’ll add, a complete total waste of space as well.

ellison on hannity 26.2.2013

You’re a Broken Record!’ Congressman Melts Down on ‘Hannity’ over Sequester 

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) exploded at Fox News host Sean Hannity Tuesday night in a discussion of President Barack Obama’s rhetoric regarding the impending sequester.

“You are the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen,” Ellison declared in his opening statement. “What you just displayed what not journalism; it was yellow journalism. It wasn’t anything close to try to tell the American people what’s really going on,” he continued.

The resulting exchange, in short, was full of crosstalk.

Hannity and Ellison locked horns over the Budget Control Act, for which both President Obama and Congressional Republicans are trying to blame each other, and the bill’s provision called the sequester which will make minor cuts to the federal budget. Along the way, Ellison accused Hannity of being a Republican shill, setting off not one but two clashes over the Fox host’s official party registration.

As the two tussled, Hannity let up briefly, saying, “I’ll give you time to rant.” When Ellison reached a lull and Hannity asked a followup question, the sitting Congressman protested, “wait a minute, you said I could rant.”

Ellison then said he would allow Hannity to “get a word in,” then changed his mind when Hannity mocked the idea. After much more crosstalk, the following exchanges occurred:

HANNITY: I gave you three minutes to rant. Calm down.

More video jocularity at Hannity


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  1. Keith Ellison? Why is Hakim Muhammad still using his “slave name”?

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