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Posting at Gates of Vienna is our good pal, Paul Weston, on mono-culture Islam and  the UK’s total capitulation to it.

Britain’s Liberal Death Wish

by Paul Weston

paulwestonFrom the seemingly trivial, like the renaming of Sandhurst’s Mons Hall to the King Hamad Hall in exchange for a pimped mess of Bahraini pottage, to matters of supreme importance, Britain appears to have submitted to Islam. The double standards involved when it comes to protecting Muslims or prosecuting/persecuting non-Muslims are on stark display for all but the most ideologically blinkered to see. Britain is now a country which has lost its collective sanity.

Events over the last few weeks bear testament to this. One such apparently trivial issue is that of the dinner lady sacked for mistakenly serving non-halal food to Muslim students at a multi-faith school in Birmingham. The school in question is majority Muslim, but despite proclaiming its multi-faith credentials there seems little respect for the requirements of non-Muslims, all of whom are expected to eat halal meat whether they like it or not.

The total intransigence of mono-cultural Islam and the total capitulation to it by multicultural Britain could lead to only one thing when Muslim children were enriched in error by imbibing the vibrant diversity of infidel food. The local council and the headmaster have been forced to apologise, the dinner-lady has been sacked for failing to conform to sharia law, and still the Muslim parents seek further retribution, with one Muslim spokesman saying “It could not just be the error or one lady, there must be people at the top responsible too who also need to be sacked. It is an insult to our faith.”

Being a Muslim must be rather pleasant in some ways. Their ability to look at the world through the insular lens of supremacist Islam is startling to those reared on a diet of multiculturalism who try so hard to accept, adopt and conform to all religions and cultures save their own. How the liberal/left mentally survive the cranial confusion this causes is quite beyond me, but I suppose there is little evidence to suggest their mental balance is anything other than unstable.

More here at the Gates of Vienna.

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