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Thick as a brick.


This is yet another example of an ignoramus who is actually promoting a diverse ”multi-ethnic” society, while using the language of the multiculturalists, which is something completely different altogether. If you ask most people whether or not immigration is a good thing as long as it reflects that society’s best interests, including the maintaining of its own cultural identity and civil society, most people would agree with it, as would I.

But as you look around Europe it has come to mean something else entirely, with the chief aim being, the mass importing of people, many of them with little or no labor skills to speak of, to fill up the lists of those on the public dole, as well as the party rosters of those politicians that champion these policies. The people left out of the project, the very ones repeatedly plied with promises of how ”mass immigration multiculturalism” will benefit them and their society, are the ones left holding the bag, and to top it off, funding the project with borrowed money while their own services and civil liberties are being chipped away.

A vibrant -if approved by the host culture- diverse society, that emphases the singular culture of that host society, while celebrating the rich diverseness  of that society through a myriad of means by private citizens, in both public and private displays, should be encouraged. But top down, gerrymandered coercive multiculturalism that pits one sector of society against the other in an eternal conflict, and within a welfare state, is pure state suicide.

Face the facts, you simply can’t have multiculturalism, without top-down big government statism, that by default, includes the coercion of the public and the pandering to select groups of people/communities within that society. These are the hallmarks of the statist policy makers, all you need to do is to look around the rest of Europe to see what I’m talking about.

NOTE: An important thing worth remembering, is that there is indeed a hierarchy in cultures, so it’s incredibly important to select people as possible immigrants from certain cultures that compliment your own, and leave the ones that don’t, from the list entirely.

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Australia offers asylum to 7,000 Hazara Shias from Pakistan (h/t: Sheik Yer’Mami)

The West is almost as in love with improving the world, as the Muslim world is with conquering it. These two contradictory impulses, the missionary and the warrior, come together in the Clash of Civilizations. (Daniel Greenfield)

Multiculturalism’s here to stay, so let’s embrace it and look to the future


But as the lord mayor made his speech, he mentioned something that has brought home the real and exciting nature of the country that we have become. He said more than 200 languages are spoken in Melbourne, and I am sure the same is true for Sydney.

Sometimes I wonder if our media and marketing people understand this rapidly diversifying country. There is a very strong Anglo-Australian force in the advertising industry with a healthy representation of young British professionals. They grew up in the English advertising culture that was so vibrant 25 years ago with the likes of Morris and Charles Saatchi and others. So it’s not surprising they came up with the infamous line for the Australian Tourism industry ”Where the bloody hell are you?” And it went down like a lead balloon.

That campaign sank without trace because it completely misread the true nature of our culture and the world beyond our shores. Who can’t wait to snorkel on the world’s best-known coral reef, experience an opera in the most famous modern building on the globe, or simply get married in a rainforest?

If you think of our society of more that 200 cultures, how do you think that line would work for a middle-class traditional Pakistani or Indian family planning on visiting their student children?

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3 Responses

  1. Just another useful idiot like the self-confident but sadly ignorant useful idiot of the left who “interviewed” Geert Wilders on the TV nework Channel 7.

    Exuding self-confidence he actually attempted to argue with Geert Wilders about Islam.

    Again and again one is confronted with what can only be described as the blissful but woeful ignorance on the part of these self-centered media buffoons who repeatedly expose their total ignorance and vacuousness.

    As for Mitchell – I’ve never heard of him but obviously no great loss as it turns out.

  2. This would only be a possibility under the present Labour Government which has less that one percent probability of winning the next election in September 2013 (this year).

    It would be impossible to summarise in under three foolscap pages the legacy of incompetence, deceit, waste, and overall stupidity of the Gillard socialist government.

    They will be gone in September.

    Gillard is generally accepted as inept and will leave a legacy along with her dismal cabinet, of a debt of masssive scope that will take years to address.

    As for our borders, they don’t exist any more thanks to Kevin Rudd, who dismantled the Conservative government’s immigration/border protection policies in a grand humanitarian gesture.

    She staged a coup – toppling him in 2010 – promising to fix our borders and immigration procedures. They (thanks to her and her intellectually challenged Cabinet) are in total disarray.

    We now have no border protection at all.

    What a mess!

    Can’t wait ’til September.

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