Israeli Arabs Rape



Saying so isn’t bigoted, it’s a fact of life.

If the Arabs spent more time worrying about what they do to themselves than about the ”Zionist enitity” they would be far better off than they are today. They themselves are their own worst enemy, not the Jews.

H/T: Fjordman

jews don't rape, unlike arab men 23.2.2013

Israel Today.

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  1. Jewish men don’t rape because we have to find out if our mothers approve of the woman first.

    Tip your watresses, I’m here all week.

  2. always appreciate it when arabs tell the truth. it makes such a change and needs to be done more.

    as an israeli i want to tell the world that this is so true. the arab men have a wildness about them. that is just scary. i know who is a arab by the brutal way they will look at me as a woman.

    their normal sex is nothing any woman would want to experience.

    however saying that rape is a huge problem world wide and particularly the rape of the children. this is something not taking seri ously and it should be.

    1. I agree completely. When I spent a summer in Israel I noticed muslim men couldn’t pass by without saying something filthy but if I had one male child walking with me they were quiet or if it were a single muslim male he was quiet. They hunt in packs.

  3. I’m a college student in Israel and there’s a cute arab girl in my class, should I ask her out?

    1. Even if she likes you, her family will probably never consent to her dating you. If you’re not afraid of being a victim of an honor killing, go ahead, but know that you may not be living a whole lot longer.

    2. Proceed but with caution because, even if she happens to be open-minded (meaning not holding true to Islam), if her family takes Islam seriously they will kill her and you.

      Hopefully you can develop a relationship with her and influence her for good, meaning away from Islam. Hopefully she would see the many errors in Islam exposed like Sura 5:51 – Jews and Christians are only friends to each other and don’t befriend them. If this girl can see that Islam is wrong and is willing to get out of Islam, that would be one less female oppressed by Muhammad’s Islam. I wish you success, even if it only results in friendship and not romance. If it is the Lord’s will then there will be mutual feelings.

  4. You may remember some years back an Israeli sociologist discovered this fact as well and concluded it absolutely proves that the IDF is completely and utterly racist and this non-raping is nothing but a form of apartheid. It could also be that the Egyptian minister, who recently stated that Egyptian woman’s breast were so filthy that their children were getting diarrhea was speaking the truth.

  5. When, and only when Muslim Women rise up and demand to be treated as equal and have as much power, will this extremist demon be vanquished.

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