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The Tundra Tabloids’ good buddy, Dr.Andrew Bostom informs that the International Free Press Society’s, Lars Hedegaard, was given some op-ed space at the Wall Street Journal. Excellent, and as Andy observes,

And now, at last, perhaps that other News Corp entity, Fox News will gird its loins and interview Lars Hedegaard, as Michael Coren of Sun News, Canada, has already done—twice.

Lars Hedegaard

The Assassin at the Door

A Danish free-speech advocate on the day a gunman disguised as a postal worker tried to kill him.



A police psychologist has told me that after an attempt on your life, things may appear somewhat fuzzy. After a while details of what happened may all of a sudden become clear as you remember more and more of this most distressing occurrence.

That hasn’t been my experience. What took place on Tuesday, Feb. 5, is as clear and vivid to me now as it was seconds after it happened.

Shortly after 11 a.m., I was preparing to leave my apartment for the half-hour commute to my newspaper office in Malmo, Sweden, when the door-phone buzzed. The phone doesn’t work properly—I can hear that I have visitors but not communicate with them. Nor can I buzz them in.

I opened a window in my apartment to see who was down below at the front door. A man dressed in a red jacket with the logo of the Danish postal service was waiting at the door. He said he had a package for me. I answered that I couldn’t buzz open the door and would instead come downstairs to get the package.

I went down and opened the front door. The man repeated that he had a package, which he handed to me. As I held the package (which the police later determined was empty), he immediately pulled out a gun and fired at my head.

Between my taking the package and the shot there was less than a second, so I had no inkling of what was going on.

The distance between us must have been less than a yard. Nevertheless, he missed. He then proceeded to fumble with the gun in order to cock it for a second shot. I swung my right fist at his head, and my action confused him sufficiently for him to drop the gun. After a scuffle, he recovered the gun but couldn’t make it fire. He then fled.

Regrettably, he managed to run off with the gun. The police found a bullet hole in the wall and a cartridge.

More here.

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