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Terrorist factions whacking each other, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

What’s not to like? As long as these jihadi terrorists are training their gun sites on each other, and hopefully deeply diminishing each other’s ranks, its a win win situation. Which ever way the fighting pans out, Israel will have to deal with a hostile enemy, it’s just a matter of which one will claw it’s way out on top.

NOTE: The report needs to be corrected, the terrorist riddled FSA is actually demanding the Heznazis to withdraw its forces from Syria, not from Lebanon. At least that’s how I read it.

syrian terrorist rebels fighting heznazis 22.2.2013

Yesterday FSA Chief of Staff Gen. Salim Idris gave Hezbollah an unprecedented ultimatum: withdraw its forces from Lebanon within 48 hours or face attack.

Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reported that Hezbollah put its forces on high alert in eight villages near the Syrian-Lebanese border, while opposition sources told the Al-Arabiya satellite station that fighting between the FSA and Hezbollah continued today.

The Political War In Lebanon

Hezbollah is also also scrambling politically. On Tuesday, tensions in Lebanon boiled over following a parliamentary decision to allow a vote on the so-called “Orthodox Gathering” bill that would fundamentally change the country’s voting system. Hundreds of people filled the streets of Beirut in protest, while a considerable number of others rallied in favor.

The existing electoral framework is grounded in agreements hammered out in 1961, and in large part it maintains the power of the old elites – both Christian and Sunni – while marginalizing Shiites. The new law would have every Lebanese religious sect vote only for members of its same confession, based on a new geographic delineation of regions and districts. The new system would vastly increase the power of Hezbollah’s March 8 Alliance and of Lebanon’s Shiite camp in general.

It remains unclear whether the bill will pass in parliament, and of course Hezbollah’s rival March 14 Alliance is vehemently against it. Hezbollah’s push for the legislation highlights the dimensions along which it is working to retain control of Lebanon.

The Proxy War In Syria

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  1. Muslims killing Muslims somethings are best left alone. If these Bozos after 1400+ years cannot get along with each other or the Infidels there is zero hope for any of them.

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