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Oh, not even supposed Islamofauxbia keeps them at bey.

“It’s hopeless when not much happens against those who violate re-entry bans,” Reppen told Aftenposten. “The mild punishment doesn’t have much preventative effect. They’re not scared off when they at worst must spend four or five weeks in jail.” Norwegian prisons have been referred to as “hotels” by some foreign criminals accustomed to much worse prisons conditions back home.


Deported criminals keep coming back

February 22, 2013

Foreigners convicted of crimes in Norway have been deported at a much higher rate in recent years, but statistics previously withheld by the government show that hundreds of them have managed to return despite being officially barred from re-entry. They’re often discovered only when they commit new crimes and are arrested once again, but sometimes not even then.

“They take a calculated risk,” police lawyer Kjell Johan Abrahamsen told newspaper Aftenposten on Friday. He said the punishment they risk by returning to Norway is “simply too mild” and they’re not scared off by another stay in a Norwegian prison. “Norway has nice prisons, and they know that inmates also get NOK 57 (around USD 10) a day,” Abrahamsen said.

One convicted foreign smuggler admitted in court that even if he’s deported from Norway 100 times, he’ll keep coming back. “That’s an example of how little effective today’s punishment level is,” another police lawyer, John Skarpeid, told Aftenposten. “And it’s a fact that we have quite a lot of repeat offenders.”

Nearly 500 discovered in past two years

Aftenposten reported that 794 foreign convicts were sent out of the country in 2011 with what’s called innreiseforbud, a formal order that they’re not allowed re-entry to Norway. Another 1,019 foreign convicts were deported last year with similar orders, part of a concerted effort by the government to enforce Norwegian law allowing such banishment when foreign nationals have committed crimes.

Police ended up discovering, however, that fully 497 foreign convicts who had been sent out of the country after serving their prison terms showed up in Norway again in 2011 and 2012. They’d managed to either slip in unseen or had passed through border controls using forged documents.

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  1. Truly pathetic.

    Is it some unique quality about Norwegians?

    Are they just too spineless to follow through with tough punitive action?

    What saps they are.

    Customs and law enforcement personnel ought to be telling the government “to get a pair” – whatever it takes.

    I’m almost tempted to feel sorry for these wimps, but no . . it’s all their own doing.

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